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Great iOS App

The WK1DS crew uses ProSat for all of our amateur radio satellite operations. It works well and is very easy to use.


I have been using ProSat as my primary tracking tool for the FM satellites for several years now. I love the features and graphics. The App continues to improve thanks to Craig's updates. Excellent program and highly recommended! 4-17 Update: new feature added with dynamic (tracks North) compass. Nice addition.

Buggy and needs work

Doesn't download and insert downlink and uplink frequencies, which it should as long as it handles other sat data. Help page doesn't scroll correctly but by tugging it up one can read that these frequencies are supposed to be manually added. However there is no interface to do that so the sat detail pages just show 0.0000 as the frequencies. I hope this is rapidly fixed for a relatively pricey app. Once the app does what it intends to do it will be great.

Great app!

Got this app for my ham radio experiments and I love this. Very intuitive, but if your not familiar with space object surveillance you can check out his YouTube video. This is a must have app for anyone doing ham radio or just wanting to look at sats as they pass by in the night sky. Kudos!

Locate function

The locate function no longer works under iOS 8. You have to manually input site lat / long / alt

Amazing Powerful App!

It's amazing what this app is capable of on such a small portable platform. It's worth every dollar! I use this app to track weather, and Amateur Ham Radio satellites. It helps me calculate when my favorite sat will be overhead next and what the listening and transmitting freq should be based on the Doppler effect. I like the whats up feature being able to select the sats your interested in and just click "Go". Prosat will give you a list of sats that are or will be overhead soon. And now that the "Add Event" is working it syncs passes across all my devices via iCal! Awesome!

Version 4.0 Hot Stuff

Completely more responsive and much smoother. More information, faster. A excellent program. Thanks for the great support.

Great app

Title says it all. Ijust have feature list. Needs night mode colors Wish it had the clock available in the app.

TLE Sets

You cannot add your own tle's and as of today the list has been shortened. I used to track Ikonos2 (I used to "fly" that satellite) but it was suddenly deleted today. I found the current tle on the web but that is useless with this app. Please allow us to input our own tle's!!!!

Nice update, keep them coming...

I like the new night mode (have it in many other apps that I use so good to see it here to save the night vision when searching for sats) Also saw that people say it doesn't work for them. Not sure what's up but I've not had any issue at all (I've had it exit once but I "think" that was because I had too much running in the background as when I killed off a few apps and tried again it worked just fine and no issue since)

Do NOT purchase.

Since the update this app won't work at all. It shouldn't have even been approved by Apple. Menus are only partially displayed with the rest being inaccessible, the 2D view is compressed and distorted to only half of the screen and the 3D globe is so touchy to be useless. To think that the dev is still charging ten dollars for this app is maddening. It's no longer just a mediocre app, it's now outright theft.


If you want a satellite tracking app that actully works, this is not it. Take a look at GoSatWatch instead. My original review follows, unchanged. Unfortunately. This could have been a very good app, but it's definitely not what I would call user-friendly. The 3D global view, in particular, is BAD. It's nearly impossible to spin the globe to where you want it. Developers should study apps like Mars Globe, Moon Globe, or any number of others to see how it SHOULD be done.

NOT Recommended

Not Recommended because: 1. App show both sunlit and dark earth regions - there is NO obvious method of turning off the dark regions so you can only see what is happening on the sun lit regions of the earth. 2. No method of manual TLE entry - some very interesting satellites (for instance OTV2/USA226 the USAF space plane) are not available via ProSat's present method of getting TLE data. 3. Manual manipulation of the Globe display is very touchy. I would be glad to withdraw any or all of the points I state in this review if the point is incorrect or fixed in an update

Won't initialize

I LOVE this app when it works..... which is never. Worked for a few weeks, now won't initialize. Update for this pleeeeeze.

Good app

Hoping for a free port to iPad

Almost perfect

I have had this app since it first came out. It has grown to the wonderful app that it it today. Very usefull, and beautifully done. Only 3 issues that still kind of bug me. First; it takes several days of database updates to correct the ISS & Orbiter orbit error after docking. Second; In the 3D view, please reduce the touch sensitivity of moving the globe. It is very touchy. Would perfer a slower and smooth sweep to rotate globe. Third; well this is more of a request, to have better fly over info. Perhaps a visible flyover chart similar to what is available on NASA's Human Space flight website. It is the chart that shows when and how long a particular satelite will be visible based on ground observation via zipcode or geographic location, and how long the object will be in orbital daylight. Thank you for a great app. Please continue the refinements.



Wow what an app

I am very impressed with the capability of this app. It works extremely well and is easy and convenient to use. Makes it very easy to locate and work ham Sats. It has everything you need. Thanks for such a great tool.


Holy Moly! Talk about an awesome app! If you are truly serious about tracking satellites, then this is the only app you'll need! Versatile, customizable, and very thorough! I can't imagine a feature that isn't covered!! This guy must be a rocket scientist! Very cool!

Killer upgrade

I have used the ISS tracking app for several months now, and it has been a wonderful resident app on my iPhone. While updating my PC bound ham radio utilities to take advantage of the iPhone, I noticed that the author if ISS also made a ham centric sat app, and an all inclusive "pro" app. I bought the "pro" app to cover all current and future bird tracking needs, and it is a winner. It offers tons of information, it is very tweakable, and it offers a huge catalog of birds to choose from to suit a wide range of interests. It's priced to cut your throat, as so many apps are today, but it is a worthwhile addition to your iPhone library.

Useful and precise!

Update: The latest version is a great leap forward - even better UI, bigger DBs, new features and awesome performance improvements! I use this incredible app almost every evening for many different reasons: neighborhood astronomy education, iridium flare observations, satellite phonecall windows, etc. Probably the most responsive author I've encountered too - Thanks, Craig! A great value!!

Needs better usability

Has potential but not very usable. I mean the obvious use case is tell me the sats overhead and show me the flight path so I can watch. Yet for some reason this simple request is very cumbersome even though clearly the app has the data required to make that easy. The app makes you walk back and forth and remember sat names to make this happen. The developer clearly has the tech knowledge but just needs serious usability help in design.


Worked great on 2.X, but consistently crashes on boot in 3.0. Too bad. One of my favorite apps.

Satellite Tracker (Prosat)

This is the most useless app I have ever downloaded. Makes me wary to download any more apps. I feel cheated. The program is redundant in that it must be used with some other satellite tracking program, almost all of which will tell me what satellites have gone, are, or are going to, go over, - not require me to click each satellite in the NORAD database to see if that might be, or have been, it, or input what satellites I want to see, or work, on ham radio. Over the past 20 years, I have used or watched several satellite tracking programs for ham radio and visible sats - many free. This one is reverse logic. Instead of following the normal instinctive hunter logic of advising what's coming my way, this one requires me to look at each satellite (the writer notes there are 700+) to see if it might be coming my way - one at a time. If I already know what satellite I want to work on ham radio, this one will tell me when it will get here. If I have such knowledge, it probably came from some other program which also gives rise and set times. If I don't know, or haven't preselected a particular satellite, and want to be told what satellite might come up, as any other tracking program will do, this won't tell me (easily, without looking at each satellite in the library). If I'm out gazing and see a visible sat. go over, it appears that I would have to go through all 700 to find which one it was. In other words, there is no way to input time and location and see what is, or was, in the neighborhood. The program has nice bells and whistles, "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing".

Excellent software.

Excellent it does what it says and I have found no bugs so far.

Exciting app

This is by far 1. A very exciting app 2. Well worth the low price. If your into tracking AND watching satellites pass over head at night this app is for you. This informs me when the international space station passes over my location. Thus while watching Nasa TV live on my laptop and the astronaunts working inside the station at the same real time it passes by is a visual excitment to behold. You will not regret having this app in your pocket any time any where. More upgrades to come are just the icing on the cake :)

Great app!!

I wish u could enter the latitude and longitude in more ways than just degrees, like the (free) satellite tracker. It would also be nice if u could select a pass, and the app would set off an alarm (say) five minutes before the pass.

Great for ham sats

This is a great tool for working ham satellites. Also, the developer is constantly adding new features.

Looks good

Any plans to add planets?

Beautiful 2D, 3D views of orbits from space

This pocket-size tool will blow your space friends & co-workers away!!! Nice, predictive views of satellite's numerous passes, ground site footprint visible, zoom & scroll features in both 2D & 3D. Some other things needed (that exist in sister products), but vendor indicates more to come!

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